Darell Shaffer, M.D.
First session evaluation is $325.00. This first appointment is for those who are seeing the doctor for the first time. The session will last approximately 50 minutes.
Any future medication checks are $150.00 and last 15-30 minutes depending on your needs.

Susan Shaffer, Psy.D,, L.P.
First session evaluation is $275.00. This first meeting will last about 90 minutes. Please make allowances in your schedule that day for a 90-120 minute time block.
Sessions there after are $155/45 minutes.

If you would like, we can submit your claims for you electronically. Dr. Susan Shaffer is an IN NETWORK PROVIDER FOR Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Please call BCBS to learn your deductible, if any, and your copay. Both of these will be due at the time of your appointment.

For all other insurance companies, my fee in total will be due at the time of your appointments and your reimbursements, if any, will be mailed to you directly by your insurance company. It is helpful to note that Dr. Shaffer is a doctoral level licensed psychologist and an American Board Certified Sexologist. Most insurance companies, unless they operate as an HMO or PPO, will reimburse you for the outpatient mental health benefits you are entitled to annually, but at a slightly lower percentage of my fee than "in network" providers. If your insurance only reimburses clinicians "in network" it is worth asking them if they have a psychologist who is also a Board Certified Sexologist (or, if it fits better the problem for which you are seeking help, a Certified Trauma Professional) that you can see. Most do not and you can then make the case that you need to go out of network to see a specialist who can best treat your problem.

Many of our patients use their health savings accounts or HSA 's to pay for treatment or to pay for their deductible and the amount of the fee not covered by their
insurance. At your request , we will provide you with a monthly, quarterly or year to date invoice for such use.

Patients often request 60 minute sessions, especially for couples therapy. Your bill will be calculated to reflect this extra portion of time. For example, many couples
need 60 minute sessions to adequately cover the material they are working on and request this extra time. The fee is then $207.

We understand that some insurance companies have a large deductible for mental health care and that you may finish treatment before your deductible is met. Many resist the notion that they will have to pay for quality mental health care. It is common in our culture for us to assume that we cannot or should not have to find room in our budgets and investments for personal and relationship health care. We advocate universal "basic" healthcare for every individual. It may not be realistic or even preferable, however, to look to the insurance industry to fund outpatient mental health needs except for those in our society who are the most underprivileged and highly vulnerable.

You CAN feel confident that both Dr. Darell and Dr. Susan work as quickly, efficiently and thoroughly as you and your reason for seeking therapy allows. We do know that the benefits of investing in one's personal and relationship wellness are far reaching and can affect individual, and family lives for generations.

We look forward to our important work together.