To Begin at Hearthstone:

To make an appointment for an initial evaluation with Dr. Susan Shaffer call her at 612-387-8232. You may also email her at though response time won’t be as quick.

Your appointment will last between 75 and 90 minutes so please leave time in your schedule for a 90-minute block of time. Bring your insurance card if you would like her to bill for you electronically and a credit card, cash or check to pay for the first appointment. If you are a Blue Cross Blue Shield subscriber, call them and ask your deductible and copay for mental health services.

To make an appointment for an initial evaluation with Dr. Darell Shaffer, please text him or call him at 612-396-5107. Dr. Darell’s first appointments are 50 minutes long. He is not in network for any insurance company.  We can give you an invoice for submission to your Health Savings Account.  If your insurance allows you to see anyone you chose, we will also bill electronically for you, but you will pay at each session and reimbursements will come directly to you.

For either doctor, it often saves time if you bring a list of dates and length of previous treatments, a list of any medications, even over the counter ones you take regularly, especially if you are seeking help for a sexual concern or dysfunction.

You do not need to come with an agenda in mind. Regardless of how clear of confused you are about your pain, it is our job to structure and help move the process towards understanding in the first session.